FBS Metalworks

Gates and Railings

Experience and Quality

With 13 years' experience, founder Craig Inglis leads an FBS Metalworks team which has built a sound reputation for quality and pride in their work.

He is also highly rated for the freshness of his designs, as well as the ability to produce clear drawings and descriptions which can be vital before proceeding with the manufacturing process.

As a well known blacksmith in East Lothian he is as deeply involved as ever in the day-to-day production processes, revelling in the creation of striking traditional gates and railings whilst pushing the boundaries of contemporary steelwork design.

Contact Us

Looking for a blacksmith in East Lothian or Edinburgh? Please call FBS Metalworks in Tranent or click on our contact page page to drop us a line.

Whether you are merely investigating the possibilites for new gates and railings or whether you have a very definite project in mind, we will be happy to discuss your needs with you without obligation.

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